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The Bed Bugs of Summer May Follow You Home

If you live in a home that is bed bug free, you’ll want to keep it that way.  Once they arrive, only a professional exterminator can rid you of them.  Unlike ticks and mosquitoes, their bite does not carry disease.  But they do create red itchy spots and, for those susceptible, large red welts.  Worse, once they’ve invaded a space they are difficult to eradicate.

One way bed bugs gain access to your inner sanctum is through travel.  They quite happily nest in some hotel rooms, and will enthusiastically hitch a ride home with you.  Summertime is when they are most active, so follow these tips to stay bed bug free.  For further details from the experts, see the website put out by the Professional Pest Management Alliance.

First, do a quick check of your hotel room.  Bed bugs are small but perceptible to the naked eye.  Look over the sheets and bedspread.  Aside from the actual bug, inspect the area for black spots that look like mold (fecal matter) or pieces of castaway skin shed by the bugs

Bring a flashlight to assist in all inspections (and because they are handy to have around).

Store luggage out of the way, where bugs cannot crawl onto or into it.  Good spots include the bathtub, linoleum floor, or even hanging you luggage up in the air.  Avoid putting luggage on the bed; instead, use the luggage rack.

When you arrive home, wash all clothes on high temperature and store your luggage anywhere that is not near your bed.

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