Answer: It's almost impossible to be sure that
your home has not been infested by termites. Just look at the facts:

  • termite_collageTermites exist practically everywhere there is soil.
  • Termites cause more damage each year then fires, earthquakes, and storms combines.
  • Homeowner's in in Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Areas Insurance won't cover termite damage.
  • New homes are just as vulnerable as older homes.
  • Termites attack wood in homes made of brick, stucco, and block.
  • Termites can enter through a crack as small as 1/64th of an inch.
  • By the time you see termites the damage is done.
  • Repairs can easily cost you 3 times as much as Perfection's Termite Protection System.
  • Beware of the "invisible Places"! All houses have areas that termites may be hidden from even the best, most experienced Termite inspector

No matter how carefully your home is inspected for termites, there are still
"invisible places" that no one can see:

  • Between the walls - where structural damage can occur.
  • Beneath your floors - at the very foundation of your home.
  • Inside baseboards, doors, and your door and window frames.

That is why Perfection's service starts with a thorough home

  • TermiteOur Termite Protection service is your peace of mind.
  • Perfection creates an invisible treatment zone around your property.
  • Perfection uses a number of different treatment techniques to customize protection for your home.
  • Perfection's annual inspections help ensure ongoing effectiveness.
  • Perfection offers re-treatments, if necessary, at no additional costs.
  • Perfection offers a renewable service that gives you peace of mind year after year
  • Preventative termite treatments can be performed at a fraction of the cost of repairs or corrective treatments


Perfection uses Termidor, the number one treatment choice of professionals.

Termidor® is 100% effective at controlling 100% of termites in three months or
less - a statement no other termite control product can make. That's why since
its introduction in 2000, Perfection Pest Control has made Termidor it's leading
termite control service with more than one thousand structures treated in Northern
Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.

TermidorLogoTermidor eliminates termites by both ingestion and contact, and is lethal to termites
simply through contact with other Termidor-tainted individuals. And because Termidor
is a non-repellent - undetectable to termites - the pests freely forage through treated
areas, unknowingly ingesting, picking up and transferring Termidor throughout the population.
It's the product's unique "Transfer Effectâ„¢," allowing Termidor to achieve 100% control of
termite populations at the very low rate of just 0.06% active ingredient.

Termidor's national results speak for themselves - more than one million homes treated
in just three years. And in nine-plus years of concrete slab testing, as well as
seven-plus years of testing on ground boards, (including USDA Forest Service testing
for both) Termidor has repeatedly been 100% effective on subterranean termites
(including Formosans) in all states at all labeled rates - even the most challenging
situations, climates and environments. That's a perfect score on every test, a performance
record no other termite control can match.

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