Spidey Lacking Some Actual Spider Powers

Spidey Lacking Some Actual Spider Powers

Of all the superheroes, perhaps Spiderman is the most unusual.  Unlike batman, who uses technology (and unlimited financing) to mimic the talents of his animal spirit, Spiderman has actually become more spider-like.  Yet he is missing a few very handy spider skills.

Spiderman doesn’t have camo.  Real spiders can accomplish amazing feats of camouflage.  Crab spiders can change color to match whatever flower they are perched on, waiting to catch a clueless insect.

Spiderman doesn’t draw or paint.  His real-world cousins create webs, according to researchers, that are on the scale of world class artists.  Spiders weave extremely intricate and beautiful patterns for housing and fun.

Spiderman can’t employ “kiss of death.”  But the Goliath bird-eating spider will, and mercilessly, as any contact with it will irritate the skin, leading to certain demise for its insect (and bird) prey.

Spiderman can’t walk on water.  The fishing spider, which lives near bodies of water throughout the U.S. does indeed fish for tadpoles by scampering across ponds.

Spiderman can’t grow more arms or leg.  But this trick certainly seems handy (pun intended) when fighting crime.  Forget about nabbing the criminals, most villains would run screaming just at the sight of someone sprouting an extra limb or two.

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