Spider Causes T-Bone Collision With School Bus | Kentucky Spider Control

We all know one, the girlfriend or sister or maybe even husband or brother who is deathly afraid of spiders. Although not many can be blamed for having arachnophobia some cases are just ridiculous. Such is the case of an Indiana woman who leaped out from her moving car, with her nine year old son left inside, all because she was scared of a spider.

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What began innocent enough as a trip with her son ended up being nearly fatal. After putting her son in the car and putting the car in reverse 35 year old Angela Kipp jumped out of the moving vehicle to avoid a spider. The car then proceeded down the street with her son inside. In an attempt to stop the car the nine year old boy then slammed on what he believed to be the brake pedal, unfortunately he hit the gas and the car rammed into a passing by school bus.

Miraculously no one was seriously hurt from the incident. The bus was empty of any children and the driver sustained no injuries. The impact did however cause the boy to fall out of the open car door slamming onto the pavement, leaving minor injuries.

Sargent Chad Hill responded to the incident stating it as "the most unusual situation to occur in my career.". There have been no charges filed however an investigation is ongoing. Unfortunately the spider in question has yet to comment or be identified.

If you have any suspicions of spiders or other pests in your area contact a local pest control expert!

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