Shocking: Woman Finds Scorpion Burrowed Under Her Organic Bananas Sticker

Shocking: Woman Finds Scorpion Burrowed Under Her Organic Bananas Sticker

Imagine your shock when one day, as you reach for that piece of organic banana you just bought at the supermarket, you uncover something totally unexpected -- and bloody dangerous, living on the fruit you were about to put into your mouth.

Such was the case for this woman from Victoria BC when, having just woken up on a lazy Sunday morning, she headed for her fruit bowl to grab some bananas for breakfast.

But when Christy Smith pulled the Del Monte organic sticker off that banana, she got the shock of her life.

“When I pulled off the sticker, all I saw was big bug moving legs and my ninja reflexes just grabbed whatever I could. I just immediately was like ‘Oh my God’ and smacked it,” described the 32-year-old Smith.

“I opened the sticker again and saw it was a scorpion in there.”

Smith recalls the scorpion was about the size of a penny, and that when she had first uncovered it from under the sticker, she was pretty sure it was still alive.

Now we don’t know about you, but uncovering a scorpion from under an organic food sticker, a sticker attached to a food you were about to eat, is not a normal daily occurrence.

How on earth could a scorpion possibly have made its way on that fruit? Much less under that fruit sticker?

Smith reveals that she bought the said bananas about a week ago from Fairfield’s Thrifty Foods market.

Since these bananas have now been identified to be actually store-bought, surely those who transported, cleaned, and packed the food would have noticed something as odd as a scorpion? Weren’t the bananas washed, stored and handled properly?

Erin Coulson, Thrifty Food’s spokeswoman, responds:  “They’re washed reasonably well, but there’s always a chance something is stuck up there in a tight nook or cranny.”

According to Coulson, 5 million cases of bananas get imported every week to North America.

“After they arrive here in B.C., they go into a seven-step ripening process and even then, yes, it’s possible something could linger.”

Despite rigorous washing and storage measures, Coulson clarifies that, in 5 million cases of transport a week, it is inevitable that a few well-hidden creatures may indeed survive undetected.

Our advice? No matter how groggy you may be after a hard day’s work or after sleeping in, always double-check your food before putting them in your mouth. It’s either looking out for yourself, or implementing better pest control measures.

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