September Brings Plants Inside Along with Pests | Ohio Pest Control

Maybe you have noticed your Ohio neighbors bringing in their potted plants from the porch every September, or maybe your even among the houseplant enthusiasts that run like clockwork. It is a familiar ritual in Ohio, every spring the houseplants go outside to decorate the porch and flourish from the extra sunshine and humidity and then once September hits the plants get moved back inside for the winter.

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One thing that is not always familiar and certainly not welcome are the pests that hitch a ride with the ever moving household potted plants. Most commonly plants taken from the outside of the house will contain leaf dwelling bugs like aphids, spider mites, scale and mealybugs. However other pests that are more of a nuisance to humans than they are to plants also can hitch a ride. For example many varying kinds of spiders can make homes in potted plants as well as types of mosquitoes.

Moreover some pests might have made a home for themselves in the soil of a potted plant during the spring so it is important to be aware of what lies beneath the soil once seasons change. For example ants will often times burrow under the soil of a potted plant and as many Ohio natives know ants are quite the bothersome nuisance pest.

To avoid nuisance pests in your home always be aware of the plants that you are bringing in and out of the house and if your pest problem is more than you can handle call an Ohio pest control expert.


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