Rare Carolina Wolf Spider Sighting In Ohio | Ohio Spider News

For the first time in approximately 60 years a Carolina Wolf Spider was found in Ohio.  The discovery was made by a group of naturalists during an outing to the Edge of  Appalachia Preserve System, which is a nature preserve ran by the Cincinnati Museum Center and the Nature Conservancy in Adams County.

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According to information provided by the South Carolina State Parks, the Carolina Wolf  Spider is the largest wolf spider in North America and is of one of the over 2,200 wolf  spider species found worldwide. Some consider the Carolina Wolf Spider to look similar  to the poisonous brown recluse, while some regard the spider as looking peculiar and  even cute with its orange fangs and thick gray fur.

Additionally, the Carolina Wolf Spider is a three to four inch terrestrial spider that lives  across the United States and southern Canada and like other wolf spiders has eight eyes that are aligned in three rows.

Although they might look similar to a Brown Recluse, Carolina Wolf Spiders are not poisonous.  However they do carry venom in their fangs to paralyze insects before eating them.  An interesting trait about wolf spiders is that they get their name from their style of hunting whereas opposed to trapping their prey in a web they actually run down their food like a wolf!

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