Queen of the Stink Bugs Turns Passion Into Art

Queen of the Stink Bugs Turns Passion Into Art

In Pennsylvania, there is a woman toiling away to bring stink bugs into a new light.  She has discovered the many virtues of using these critters in paintings, jewelry, pendants, and more.

Maryel Henderson has been making art for decades, and has always been interested in the natural world.  Prior to exploring stink bugs as a medium, she painted portraits of animals in non-native habitats, like polar bears in swimming pools or lizards on ceiling fans.

But she is now known, at least by her husband, as the “stink bug whisperer.”  She experimented with using the shell of the stinkbug – a familiar yet unique shape that resembles a shield – on pendants.  These sold well, and she’s branched out into a wider array of stink bug art.  This month, Henderson has opened a new art space at Marketview Arts in York, PA, where she will display the gamut of stink bug creations.

The work ranges in price from $40 to $900, depending on the piece and size.  Larger paintings go for more money, but stink art pendants start at less than $50.

Henderson can’t fully explain her love of stink bugs, but notes that it may have to do simply with their vulnerability and individuality.  "They're just clumsy and cute and awkward, and they kind of walk around like they're going through life minding their own business," she said.

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