Perfection's Once-A-Year Pest Control System is designed to safeguard your
home or business from the threat of crawling pests - ants, roaches, spiders,
silverfish, and other pests - for up to one full year. And if the bugs
return anytime during the year, so will no additional cost
to you!

PestHomePerfection's Once-a-year service begins with a full inspection of the property.
We will identify the problem(s), make recommendations for the treatment including
caulking, weather-stripping, and provide a written proposal for service.


Traditional pest control required you to be at your house once a month to meet the technician.
This out-dated practice is not necessary when you use Perfection Pest Control to protect your
home. How do we do it? Perfection employs a targeted, environmentally friendly, and integrated
8-step pest management process.

Our 8 step treatment includes:

  1. Outside Perimeter Pest Treatment
    Roach and ant bait is placed around the perimeter of the structure in mulch
    beds and soil areas.
  2. Treatment with liquid pesticide is made to the foundation, eaves, windows
    and doors and other select areas.This long-lasting material provides a barrier
    that stops pests in their tracks.
  3. Crack and Crevice Pest Treatment
    A targeted invisible repellant is placed in the cracks and crevices inside your
    home to eliminate pests that hide in these areas.
  4. Special Dust Agent Inside the Walls
    We will treat wall voids and eliminate many pests that hide in these hard to reach
  5. Baited Materials in Attic and Crawl space
    These environments are ideal for many pests to live, such as crickets, roaches, ants
    and silverfish. We take care of these pests by putting a bait material in these areas.
  6. Roach and Ant Bait under Major Household Appliances
    We will also place a bait material under the major appliances in your home, such as refrigerators,
    dishwashers, and washing machines. These tight, difficult to reach areas are often good hiding
    places for some pests.
  7. Residual Bait Behind Drawers and Cabinets
    A specialized bait material is placed in the cracks and crevices around your kitchen and
    bathroom. Because of where we put the material, it won't harm your food, plates, glasses,
    silverware or linens.
  8. Caulking, Weather-stripping, sealing. We will perform caulking and sealing of areas
    identified on the initial inspection. WE will also make written recommendations of steps
    you can take to reduce a pest problem.

No aggravating odors. Perfection's Pest odorless treatment means you can remain comfortably
inside the property during and after treatment. And no more bugs! Perfection's Once-A-Year,
8-Step treatment protects your property from the inside out. Perfection offers you a unique,
integrated pest management solution that is designed to be effective, environmentally
friendly, and convenient to you. Once we treat your home, apartment or office, it is
guaranteed for one full year. If you have any problem with covered pests over the next 12
months, we'll come back and take care of the problem, at no cost to you! Call perfection pest control services in Hamilton and Cincinnati, Ohio now!