Pest 101: Flies | Ohio Fly Control

Have you ever been bothered by a fly in the house or maybe out on a weekend picnic? This scenario has played out all throughout mans history and is not likely to end anytime soon. From Egyptian pharaohs slathering honey on naked servants in order to attract flies away from royalty, to our modern Susie-homemaker running around the house with a flyswatter on the hunt. Man has always combated flies but whats to know other than they are bothersome? Well the following will share some basics.


The most common fly found around the home is the aptly named House Fly. The adult house fly can grow to one quarter of an inch and can live between 15 and 25 days. Another common fly is the Horse Fly which is named for the fact that it is a common nuisance of horses. Often times the Horse Fly is found in both suburban and rural ares near the bodies of water which serve as their breeding grounds. Along with the others mentioned the Fruit Fly is another one of the most common flies, getting their name from their fondness of fruit. Although Fruit Flies are small they can be dangerous acting as disease vectors.

Most of the non biting flies like the Housefly are not only nuisance pests but can be responsible for contaminating food and transmitting diseases. In fact houseflies can potentially transfer more than 100 pathogens including malaria, salmonella, and tuberculosis.

Lastly if you are being bothered by anyone of these flies make sure to contact a nuisance fly pest control expert!

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