Ohio Rain Bring Mosquito Increase And West Nile Risk | Cincinnati Mosquito News

As of late July 2015 there has been two human cases of West Nile virus in Ohio, one in the Cleveland area and one in the Cincinnati area. The reason most likely stemming from a steady increase in rainy weather, more than a foot of rain in the last six weeks, bringing on an increase of mosquitoes.


When water sits in low lying lying areas mosquitoes will breed and feed on the bacteria in the standing water, and unfortunately Ohio is no stranger to the Culex mosquito that transmits West Nile bacteria. In 2014 Ohio had confirmed 11 cases of West Nile and many more are believed to have been overlooked.

As of this year Franklin County Public Health traps have confirmed positive West Nile in two parts of Dublin and Central. Experts are urging Ohio residents to be extra careful of mosquitoes and to proactive avoid risk. Among other methods, some of the ways to best avoid mosquitoes is to wear light colored clothing when going outside, and to rid ones property of unnecessary pools of standing water.

Furthermore, any standing water that is of use such as bird baths or children's wading pools, should be regularly emptied or cycled. Most times it is best to prevent a problem before it occurs, and as residents of Ohio we must work together to control the mosquito population before further outbreak occurs.


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