Good Guys
If you are in another state use this link to search for a Good Guy that
will treat you right.

IPCO Network
Click on this link to ask questions on the consumer message board, research,
or just learn more about IPCO.

Link to EPA Citizens guide to Pest Control and Pesticide Safety.

Food Safety
Commercial link to food safety and food defect action levels for food processors.

Ultrasonic Pest Devices
Link to FTC report on Ultrasonic pest control devices.

Terminate Consumer Product
Link regarding the use of Terminate a consumer product available over the counter.

Link for Termite page for homeowners.

University of Kentucky Entomology web site
University of Kentucky Entomology web site Structural Industrial and Medical Insects.

Pest World for Kids
Pest World for Kids An activity site for kids to learn about pests.

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