Kentucky Fried Rat | Kentucky Rat Control

Recently making its rounds on the web is the story of a California man who claims a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant served him a fried rat with his meal.


Reportedly, Devorise Dixon had bought a three piece chicken tender box from his local Kentucky Fried Chicken and had started eating before then looking down at his food to discover something was off. What was wrong was that the bite Dixon had taken was so nasty that it had prompted to take a closer look and realize that his so called chicken tender was in the shape of a rat with a tail!

Furthermore Dixon claims that when he returned the meal to Kentucky Fried Chicken the store manager got a bit freaked out himself and reportedly confirmed it was a rat.

From there Dixon took his alleged fried rat picture and story to social media where he made posts that snowballed into somewhat of a viral sensation. Dixon maintains his version of the rat story however Kentucky Fried Chicken has responded via social media to dispute the claims. According to the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise post they are "investigating the issue but had seen no evidence to support the claim".

I guess it is not quite tough enough that we have look out for rats and other critters in our homes, but now we have to look out for them in our meals! Just remember if your in Kentucky and you find a rat, fried or otherwise, call the experts in rat and rodent control.

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