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Some of the most common type of ants found in Kentucky is the Carpenter ant. The Carpenter ant can grow to be up to 3/4 inch long. Often times these ants will make up their nests in dead wood which can be made up of trees that have fallen, buried stumps or even parts of abandoned Kentucky buildings. Carpenter ants forage for a variety of foods which include, insects, nectar, pollen, seeds, and fruit. Despite making a home in wood the Carpenter ant rarely cause serious damage to structures like their relative pest the termite.

Ant Control in Cincinnati

Ant Control in Cincinnati

Ants are most often considered to be nuisance pest and for good reason, such as invading homes with large colonies, however ants can also be beneficial to humans in our gardens and crops. Nevertheless invading ants are one of the biggest urban pest issues in the United States and for residents of Northern Kentucky we are more than familiar with the invading Carpenter ant.

Another issue people commonly have with ants is the fact that some ant species will sting and some individuals are allergic to certain ants. However despite the many problems man does have with ants they are very interesting creatures and many scientists dedicate their professional lives to understanding them.

It is also important to note that ants travel in colonies so if you do find your self with an ant problem at your home it could be not just one but thousands! If you suspect any nuisance ants at you home we recommend contacting you local Kentucky ant control expert.

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