Cleveland Indians Star Out Due to Spider Bite! | Ohio Spider Control

Infielder for the Cleveland Indians Chris Johnson suspects it was an insect, possibly a spider, that is reasonable for him missing his second straight game.  Apparently Johnson was bitten in his sleep by a spider located in at the hotel the Indians were staying at.

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Johnson reports that initially he had woke up to a small bite on his left hand, from a suspected spider, and was then treated at the stadium that Saturday morning.  Then by Sunday Johnson's hand had swollen and sought treatment at a Minneapolis hospital.

Johnson's left hand was wrapped and he started a treatment of antibiotics but the Cleveland infielder could unfortunately still miss further time due to the injury. Shortly before the incident had occurred Johnson had been acquired by Cleveland in a trade with the Atlanta Braves, and in six games with the Indians Johnson was hitting a very respectable .429. In regards to the incident Johnson had the following to say; "I tried to get the swelling and infection out of there because I guess whatever bit me, it got infected,” and that he was “Hoping the swelling goes down in a couple days and I can start swinging the bat again".

I bet Chris Johnson will be sleeping with one eye open on team road trips from now; and I used to think that all Baseball players had it made, I guess insects and spiders don't care much who you are when they are ready for a bite! If you would like to be rest assured that the creatures of the night are out of your house be sure to contact your local pest control experts.

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