165 Million Year Old Ant! | Cincinnati Pest Control

A rare insect exhibit is slated to open soon in China’s Sichaun province in Beijing. Included in the exhibit is an ant fossil believed to be 165 million years old!

Ant Control in Cincinnati

Ant Control in Cincinnati

The exhibition, organized by the Insect Museum of West China, is a month long show that will include other rare insect fossils as well. Aside from the ancient ant exhibit the exhibition will include dragonflies, beetles and bees; many of which date back to the Jurassic period.

Museum curator Zhoa Li stated that “The reason for scarcity of insect fossil is that their exoskeleton do not preserve very well,”. This might explain why some of the fossilized insects look completely different to their modern descendants while some still look the same.

The 165 year old ant fossil is among the most impressive of all the insects on exhibit. The museum is so proud of the ant because it is believed to be around 45 million years older than a comparable ant fossil found by American archaeologists in the Amazon. Those are some old ants!

In all The Insect Museum of West China is home to over 4,000,000 insect samples collected from over 40 countries! That sure is a lot of insects to share a roof with! If you have insects under your roof but are not as gracious a host as the museum call a Cincinnati pest control extermination expert to make them history!


Spider Causes T-Bone Collision With School Bus | Kentucky Spider Control

We all know one, the girlfriend or sister or maybe even husband or brother who is deathly afraid of spiders. Although not many can be blamed for having arachnophobia some cases are just ridiculous. Such is the case of an Indiana woman who leaped out from her moving car, with her nine year old son left inside, all because she was scared of a spider.

pp spider

What began innocent enough as a trip with her son ended up being nearly fatal. After putting her son in the car and putting the car in reverse 35 year old Angela Kipp jumped out of the moving vehicle to avoid a spider. The car then proceeded down the street with her son inside. In an attempt to stop the car the nine year old boy then slammed on what he believed to be the brake pedal, unfortunately he hit the gas and the car rammed into a passing by school bus.

Miraculously no one was seriously hurt from the incident. The bus was empty of any children and the driver sustained no injuries. The impact did however cause the boy to fall out of the open car door slamming onto the pavement, leaving minor injuries.

Sargent Chad Hill responded to the incident stating it as "the most unusual situation to occur in my career.". There have been no charges filed however an investigation is ongoing. Unfortunately the spider in question has yet to comment or be identified.

If you have any suspicions of spiders or other pests in your area contact a local pest control expert!

Ohio Black Widow Scare | Ohio Spider Control

Have you even woken up to a find a mysterious bug bite that you cannot explain? Many have, but for David Marcum of Eastlake Ohio the mystery was worse than the usual.

Mosquito pic Perfection

What Marcum believed to be a itchy mosquito bite that occurred during the night and ended up being more severe bite from a spider! After three days of worsening symptoms Marcum realized something was off. "I was having aching. My bones were hurting, severely scratching. My lower back started hurting after a couple days," Marcum said. Eventually Marcum ended up in the emergency room hooked up to a morphine IV for pain related to what doctors claimed to be a black widow spider bite.

Marcum was shocked to find out that it was not a mosquito bite but a more serious black widow that had bitten him in the night.

According to Gavin Svenson of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History there are around 600 spider species in the state of Ohio and only a few are dangerous to humans. "They mind their own business and we mind our own business. And occasionally, they interact, people and spiders, and you might get bit," Svenson said. Additionally Svenson believes that black widows are quite rare in Ohio so if you do get bit it is not likely to be from a black widow. However it is always better to be safe than sorry so you should always consult a medical professional if you suspicious of a bug bite.

In fact Marcum's bit was only believed yo be from a black widow it was never confirmed however he is not taking any chances, "I've been sleeping with one eye open... Hopefully, I turn into Spider-man one day."

Beware of Pests In Your Backyard Garden | Kentucky Pest Control

For many homeowner alike landscaping and gardening has always been a favorite past time or shared hobby. However along with the beauty and serenity that comes with gardening also comes with the headache of combating nuisance pests. Some insects will actually be beneficial to your outdoor garden but homeowners must be cautious to not allow pests to gain access to the inside of their homes.

pp fly

Some of the most rewarding this to grow in your home garden are berries as they look nice and are also able to be eaten; quite the sweet treat for all of man, correct? Unfortunately flies are also attracted to the sweetness of the berries and therefore might see an increase in fly activity if you happen to grow berries in your garden. Some species of flies will even lay eggs on fruit for their larvae to feed on so the cautious gardener must also be aware of fly breeding that they must combat.

Another common garden pest is the mosquito that breeds in standing pools of water. Often times empty flowering pots and birdbaths will become filled with water after a storm or heavy watering therefore becoming the ideal place for the mosquitoes to breed. For gardeners to combat mosquitoes one must be cautious of their watering routines as well as the stormy weather.

A garden should be an enjoyable thing and if you are having trouble combating a pest at your home or garden make sure to contact a local pest control expert to help eradicate the issue!

How To Spot A Termite Infestation | Ohio Termite Control

Termites are some of the most destructive pests there is. A termite infestation can cause structural damage to you home and cost thousands to repair. Often times homeowners have no idea they have a termite problem until it is too late which is why it is important to get a termite inspection on your home every one to three years. However there are a few tips to spot a termite problem for those of us who are not trained experts.


Swarmers or discarded wings, which are young female and male termites will emerge in the springtime often times leaving their discarded wings near windowsills and doorways. Spotting the discarded wings is one big clue that you might have termites.

Mud tubes are built by termites to provide moisture between their colony and food source and are often times found near the foundation of a home. It is important to look out for mud tubes at your homes foundation because if present they are a sign of subterranean termites which are the most destructive termite species.

Wood damage is the most common sign of termites in a home. Wood that sounds hollow when tapped on, or that looks dark or blistering is what homeowners should look for when trying to spot termites. Additionally cracked or bubbling paint in a home is another sign to look for when looking for termites in your home.

One other way to spot termites in your home is frass. Frass is the light, wood colored droppings that termites leave behind. Specifically if you find a small pile of what looks like sawdust in your home you might be dealing with termites.

If you find any of these signs of termites in your home it is important to contact a local expert before the termite infestation causes any more damage to your home.

September Brings Plants Inside Along with Pests | Ohio Pest Control

Maybe you have noticed your Ohio neighbors bringing in their potted plants from the porch every September, or maybe your even among the houseplant enthusiasts that run like clockwork. It is a familiar ritual in Ohio, every spring the houseplants go outside to decorate the porch and flourish from the extra sunshine and humidity and then once September hits the plants get moved back inside for the winter.

pp spider

One thing that is not always familiar and certainly not welcome are the pests that hitch a ride with the ever moving household potted plants. Most commonly plants taken from the outside of the house will contain leaf dwelling bugs like aphids, spider mites, scale and mealybugs. However other pests that are more of a nuisance to humans than they are to plants also can hitch a ride. For example many varying kinds of spiders can make homes in potted plants as well as types of mosquitoes.

Moreover some pests might have made a home for themselves in the soil of a potted plant during the spring so it is important to be aware of what lies beneath the soil once seasons change. For example ants will often times burrow under the soil of a potted plant and as many Ohio natives know ants are quite the bothersome nuisance pest.

To avoid nuisance pests in your home always be aware of the plants that you are bringing in and out of the house and if your pest problem is more than you can handle call an Ohio pest control expert.


Kentucky Ants | Kentucky Ant Control

Some of the most common type of ants found in Kentucky is the Carpenter ant. The Carpenter ant can grow to be up to 3/4 inch long. Often times these ants will make up their nests in dead wood which can be made up of trees that have fallen, buried stumps or even parts of abandoned Kentucky buildings. Carpenter ants forage for a variety of foods which include, insects, nectar, pollen, seeds, and fruit. Despite making a home in wood the Carpenter ant rarely cause serious damage to structures like their relative pest the termite.

Ant Control in Cincinnati

Ant Control in Cincinnati

Ants are most often considered to be nuisance pest and for good reason, such as invading homes with large colonies, however ants can also be beneficial to humans in our gardens and crops. Nevertheless invading ants are one of the biggest urban pest issues in the United States and for residents of Northern Kentucky we are more than familiar with the invading Carpenter ant.

Another issue people commonly have with ants is the fact that some ant species will sting and some individuals are allergic to certain ants. However despite the many problems man does have with ants they are very interesting creatures and many scientists dedicate their professional lives to understanding them.

It is also important to note that ants travel in colonies so if you do find your self with an ant problem at your home it could be not just one but thousands! If you suspect any nuisance ants at you home we recommend contacting you local Kentucky ant control expert.