4 Tips for Controlling Mosquitoes

4 Tips for Controlling Mosquitoes

Mosquito-borne illnesses are on the rise, making it more important than ever to be diligent about controlling them during the hot, humid (and often wet) summer months. But what can you do to control the mosquito population around your home if you don’t want to rely on chemicals to treat the area? Here are 4 tips for getting rid of mosquitoes this summer the natural way.

Drain All Standing Water

It’s no secret that mosquitoes love standing water, but did you know how little it takes for mosquitoes to infiltrate your yard? These tenacious insects can lay eggs in just a thimble full of water, making virtually any standing water a threat. So, while it is important to drain large water sources like buckets, planters, furniture, boats, campers and overturned tires, don’t forget to watch out for even the smallest things that water can collect too like kids’ toys, watering cans, pet bowls and trays underneath plants. The key to controlling mosquitoes this summer is simply eliminating all standing water from your property. That way they will have nowhere to breed.

Use Natural Repellents

Not interested in using dangerous chemicals to control the mosquito population in your yard? Then try these all-natural solutions:

  • Install an Outdoor Fan:  mosquitoes aren’t very strong fliers and can be easily whisked away by using a fan. An easy and effective way to keep mosquitoes from ruining your time outdoors, simply installing a fan around your sitting area is one of the fastest, easiest and safest way to enjoy the outdoors without being bitten.
  • Light some citronella candles/torches: while it does have some drawbacks (like the smell, smoke and its limited range), lighting a few citronella candles or torches while outdoors can help stave off a mosquito attack.
  • Install yellow light: did you know that mosquitoes are only attracted to white light? Well, it’s true! Installing yellow light is an effective way to keep them away.
  • Invite some bats to the party: installing just one bat house on your property can decrease your mosquito population by thousands.

Install yellow light: did you know that mosquitoes are only attracted to white light? Well, it’s true! Installing yellow light is n effective way to keep them away.

Use the Power of Mosquito Repellent Plants

Nature does offer some good repellents right in your own backyard. Plants and herbs like marigolds, lavender, lemon balm and basil are all know to repel mosquitoes. The problem is that they dually are not found in high enough concentrations where you need them to do much good. That doesn’t mean they can’t work. Simply grow these anti-mosquito plants nearby, cut a few, bundle and throw them into your campfire when headed outdoors. The smoke will become a natural repellent.

Keep Your Garden Trimmed

Mosquitoes love the shade and the more plants and tall grasses you have in your yard, the more inviting it becomes.  To keep mosquitoes away, be sure to trim bushes and plants regularly, and cut your grass at least once a week. The more sun in your yard, the fewer mosquitoes you will have.

Getting Help for Your Mosquito Problem

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