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A rare insect exhibit is slated to open soon in China’s Sichaun province in Beijing. Included in the exhibit is an ant fossil believed to be 165 million years old!

Ant Control in Cincinnati

Ant Control in Cincinnati

The exhibition, organized by the Insect Museum of West China, is a month long show that will include other rare insect fossils as well. Aside from the ancient ant exhibit the exhibition will include dragonflies, beetles and bees; many of which date back to the Jurassic period.

Museum curator Zhoa Li stated that “The reason for scarcity of insect fossil is that their exoskeleton do not preserve very well,”. This might explain why some of the fossilized insects look completely different to their modern descendants while some still look the same.

The 165 year old ant fossil is among the most impressive of all the insects on exhibit. The museum is so proud of the ant because it is believed to be around 45 million years older than a comparable ant fossil found by American archaeologists in the Amazon. Those are some old ants!

In all The Insect Museum of West China is home to over 4,000,000 insect samples collected from over 40 countries! That sure is a lot of insects to share a roof with! If you have insects under your roof but are not as gracious a host as the museum call a Cincinnati pest control extermination expert to make them history!


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