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Spider Causes T-Bone Collision With School Bus | Kentucky Spider Control

We all know one, the girlfriend or sister or maybe even husband or brother who is deathly afraid of spiders. Although not many can be blamed for having arachnophobia some cases are just ridiculous. Such is the case of an Indiana woman who leaped out from her moving car, with her nine year old son […Read More…]

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Pest Experts and Builders Complain of Overkill

Pest Experts and Builders Complain of Overkill Termites cause uncontested structural damage, and most municipalities have tight regulations on inspecting new homes for this destructive bug.  But builders in Minnesota are up in arms at the new proposed restrictions to prevent termite damage. Costs for developers run to $1,000 per new home built, the pricetag […Read More…]

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