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      Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati’s Best Family Owned & Operated Termite & Pest Control Company cincinnati home pest control Contact Perfection Pest Control for all your pest control services in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. We consistently strive to deliver high-quality, reliable pest control in Cincinnati and the surrounding communities. We also offer pest services for termites, ants, cockroaches, fleas, rats, and any other pest that moves, crawls or flies. Pest Control Cincinnati – We service all types of structures in Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Areas!:
  • Residential – Homes, apartment buildings, and condominiums
  • Commercial – Commercial pest control drugstores and drugstore chains, office buildings, hotels, and commercial buildings of all types and sizes
  • Industrial – non-food storage buildings and factories
  • Medical – Hospitals and nursing homes. IPM certified
  • Schools and other educational institutions. IPM certified
  • Food storage, processing and service facilities –
    • Processing plants and warehouses
    • Restaurant pest control, bars, and fast food chains roach control
    • Supermarkets and grocery stores

Perfection Pest Control “The Highest Degree of Pest Control Skills”

Cincinnati Pest Control Inspection       Perfection Pest Control, Inc., provides quality pest and termite inspections as well as pest and termite control service. As a locally owned and operated Cincinnati pest control company, we perform our service at a reasonable cost, while remaining abreast of the latest pest control service methods and products, as well as state and federal regulations, and guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency. We employ an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach in each setting to determine the most effective and safest combination of methods and products to manage a particular pest problem. The IPM approach is based upon knowledge and understanding of insect and rodent biology; familiarity with host environments for pests; use of beneficial organisms improving sanitary, landscaping and structural conditions to exclude pests; and selection of baits, traps, sprays and products that pose the lowest risk to humans, pets and the environment. IPM takes an exterminator service to a whole new level. Perfection means not just being another Cincinnati exterminator, but an integrated part of our business community by practicing sustainable methods of pest management and extermination. Perfection Pest Control provides a comprehensive array of services, each of which is tailored to your specific needs and the requirements of the setting. Services include: Cincinnati Pest Inspection: We will perform a thorough pest inspection or termite inspection at your home or business. The termite inspection will identify your particular pest problem, conducive conditions for pests, evaluate structural and sanitation issues, and will include recommendation of treatments to prevent and/or eliminate pests.

General Household Pest Control

prevention, elimination and/or exclusion of pests in residential settings using Integrated Pest Management, including condominiums, office settings, etc…. Perimeter Treatment: prevent pests from establishing a foothold at the base of your structure. Treatments include the base of the building footprint, windows, doors, tree bases and other key areas at the perimeter of a home or business. Advantages of having Perfection Pest Control handle your pest control company needs include:
  • Use of environmentally friendly products in such a way as to ensure your safety, and the safety of your family, customers and pets, as the case may be.
  • Targeted pest control service techniques using baits, and limiting chemicals in the exterminator equation, for sensitive persons.
  • Reliability: We will be there when I say we will, and we will do the job we agree to do.
  • One-time, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services are available.

Termite Control

Termite Control: Preventing termites from threatening the value of your home or business is the primary goal of a professional termite control program. Termite control in Cincinnati begins with a detailed termite inspection report. If any termites are found on the property, your service technician will gladly propose an effective termite control plan to exterminate the colony. We are proud to be a locally operated termite control company in Cincinnati. Perfection is proud to offer pest control in Cincinnati, Hamilton OH and in Northern Kentucky. For pest control in Hamilton OH or in Cincinnati, call (513) 368-7556. For pest control in Northern KY, please call (859)525-8560.